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Case Studies

Case Study: Male pattern baldness ‘reversed’ with Ashley and Martin’s treatment plan

February 24th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Men affected by male pattern baldness (MPB) typically lose their hair in one of several common patterns. The Norwood scale is the measurement commonly used by clinicians when discussing MPB and provides easy-to-reference images that illustrate the different stages of balding. Clint* was between stages 3 and 4; his frontal hairline was receding around his temporal region and his crown was also starting to thin.

At 30 years old he had come over to Australia from the UK. For the past five years he had been noticing the slow decline in hair density and had been considering treatment for the past three years – now it was time to act. He search for hair restoration specialists online and booked an appointment at an Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinic.

The consultant recommended Clint  use a comprehensive approach of topical solution and DHT inhibitors. Together with the herbal supplements, these prescription medications would work to slow the shedding he was experiencing, prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT and create a healthy environment in which his freshly grown hair could thrive.

By the time Clint’s four month progress review came around he was already noticing the changes. His hair was more dense and the recession in his temporal area had halted and was covering over with healthy new regrowth. His girlfriend (and his mum) were very happy with the results so far…and so was Clint.

*Name changed to protect privacy


Case Study: Client’s expectations exceeded as he realises it’s never too late to seek help

October 19th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Robert* had been suffering from hair loss for over ten years; he had also been considering treatment for ten years but had never actually done anything about it. Now, at 62, he was becoming increasingly concerned about his appearance. His frontal hair line was all but gone and he was following the same pattern of baldness as his grandfather and uncle.

After seeing a tv advertisement for Ashley and Martin Hair loss clinics, Robert decided it was finally time to seek some help and advice about his on-going hair loss.

Robert attended his free consultation and, not wanting to waste any more time, enrolled on the same day. After examining his scalp the consultant confirmed a diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness. His age and family history were the two main contributing factors for the hair loss, and was showing to be a five on the Norwood scale. This lead to a recommendation of prescription DHT inhibitors, combined with topical medication and laser treatments delivered to tackle Robert’s receding hair line.

Given his age and the time he had waited before seeking treatment, Robert had very low expectations about what his results might be. However, over the following months, he noticed that his hairline was indeed starting to return, little by little.

And it wasn’t just Robert that noticed it; many of his family members had also noticed and commented on how good Robert’s hair was looking. Incredibly happy with his results, Robert was proof that it’s never too late to seek out advice from an Ashley and Martin hair loss specialist.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Early intervention the key to success

September 15th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

There are only so many ways to hide thinning hair with different hairstyles and Nick* was quickly running out of options. Despite his best efforts trying to hide it, his mates began commenting on his thinning crown.

At just 23 years old, Nick* wasn’t sure that an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic was the best place for him to book an appointment, after all, that’s where older/balder people went wasn’t it? With nothing to lose (except for more hair) Nick booked a free consultation anyway. After having a chat with a friendly and understanding consultant, Nick was surprised to learn that 23 is a very typical age for people to seek treatment with a hair loss specialist. He was also hugely reassured to learn that early intervention is key to the success of the treatment.

Aiming to regrow his own hair, the consultant recommended a twelve month RealGROWTH®medical hair loss program for Nick* and was confident that the desired outcome would be achieved, thanks to Nick’s prompt action.

Snowed under at work, Nick was unable to return for his 4 month review but made it back for his 8 month check-up. The ‘after’ photos clearly show that Nick was indeed regrowing his own hair, thicker and healthier than before. Now he could start styling his hair any way he liked.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Thrilled to See Progress After Assuming He Would Be Unable to Regrow Hair

April 22nd, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Felipe* feared the worst when he booked his appointment at Ashley and Martin. Being in his 50’s and having seen his hair regress over an extended number of years, he thought it would be unlikely that and hair regrowth treatments would still be viable options for him. He had thoroughly researched hair regrowth and the best ways to treat hair loss before booking his appointment, and the message that he needed to do something about it as soon as possible came through with overwhelming regularity.

Performing a scalp examination, the Ashley and Martin consultant could see there were still enough viable hair follicles for Felipe to be a candidate for the RealGROWTH® program. Hair regrowth would still be possible despite the advanced loss Felipe had already experienced. Outlining the process of treating his hair with the RealGROWTH® medical treatment program, the consultant ensured Felipe was aware of the details he needed to achieve success and the likely outcomes and timeframes to be expected. Happy with what he heard, Felipe asked to be booked in to see the clinic’s hair loss doctor.

When Felipe came into the clinic for his first Ashley and Martin Review appointment a little over four months later, he was extremely pleased with the progress his hair was making even without having to see his progress photos alongside each other. The improvements he saw made him wish he had come to Ashley and Martin sooner, but he was glad he had made the decision when he did.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Multi-faceted Medical Hair Loss Treatment Proves Effective

April 6th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Kyong* had heard about Ashley and Martin from a friend. And curious to find out more, he decided to search Google to find out what hair loss treatment was all about. Stressed from emigrating and having inherited a predisposition to male pattern baldness from his maternal grandfather, over the past three years Kyong’s hair had steadily thinned on top, becoming wiry, dry, and brittle. With his partner strongly encouraging him to seek treatment, Kyong called his nearest Ashley and Martin clinic to make an appointment.

Discussing the previous attempt he had made at treating his hair with his consultant, Kyong said he had tried an over the counter topical vasodilator that had not worked. The consultant explained that whilst a prescription strength topical vasodilator was an evidence-based approach to treating hair loss, by itself it was ineffective. The consultant then explained all the components of the RealGROWTH® program and how they would work together to not only encourage new growth as his topical treatment had promised to do, but to circumvent the root cause of the problem and stop hormonal process leading to his hair falling out in the first place.

Thirty-five and fully aware that his Norwood level III hair loss would only progress if left untreated, Kyong signed up for treatment with the full support of his wife who had attended the appointment with him.

After four months of attending regular laser therapy appointments and following his multi-faceted treatment program, Kyong met with his consultant with a smile on his face. Using a prescription strength vasodilator in conjunction with other prescription, herbal, and hygiene products had succeeded where his over the counter product had failed. The spot on his crown that had been thinning had increased in density and the overall quality of his hair had increased.

Kyong had every reason to smile.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client over Sixty Pleased to Find He Can Still Regrow His Own Hair

December 10th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Already over 60 years old, Julian* had always thought that he would be able to accept losing his hair. He had been watching it disappear over many years, however after a period of intensified shedding that was out of the ordinary, Julian found he was becoming increasingly self-conscious of his thinning hair. Scalp clearly visible through his fine, grey hair, Julian was unsure if his age and advanced hair loss would prohibit him from being able to regrow hair in any way. Uncertain of the answers he would find, Julian booked an appointment at Ashley and Martin.

The initial assessment and scalp examination performed by his consultant revealed that although Julian was advancing in years and loss, he was still a suitable candidate to receive substantial regrowth using the RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program. And a check-up with the clinic doctor confirmed his suitability. Pleased to find there were still options available to him to regrow his own hair, Julian signed up for treatment straight away.

Diligently taking his medication and herbal supplements, applying his prescription topical solution, and attending laser therapy appointments, Julian was tentatively sure he had seen some improvements to his hair taking place. However, he was completely surprised when he saw the difference between his initial photos and the ones taken at his first Ashley and Martin Review four months after commencing treatment. New hair had completely repopulated his crown and increased the density of his hair all over. His frontal hair line had more definition to it and the new weight and thickness of his hair had the effect of making it look darker again. Julian was ecstatic with the early results of his program and could hardly believe he had not been convinced anything could be done to help him at his age.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Progress Photos Show Significant Changes That Client Had Not Noticed

October 30th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Max* had always planned to do something about his thinning hair, but somehow never seemed to find the time to arrange an appointment with a hair loss specialist. His hair had been thinning over the past few years and it had finally reached a stage where he felt the quality and quantity of his hair had gotten so bad that he needed to make seeking help a priority. He arranged the appointment.

His hair loss consultant explained the process of male pattern baldness and outlined how the Ashley and Martin approach to medical hair loss treatment worked to halt the excessive shedding and reverse the shedding he had been experiencing. Gaining enough of an understanding of the process that he realised there were limits to what could be achieved with medical hair loss treatment, Max decided to start treatment straight away. Especially as his hair was something that he had neglected for so long.

As was the way life often works, Max found all of his time taken up work and personal commitments. In fact, he was so busy that he was unable to attend the clinic for laser appointments or regular progress check-ups until he had been on the treatment program for eight months. Looking at himself in the mirror every day, Max felt there may have been changes, but if there were, they certainly were not particularly significant.

That was until he saw his progress photos alongside the ones taken in his first appointment.

Amazed at the substantial changes in the density and thickness of his hair, Max could not believe the difference the treatment had made. Or how easy the home-based treatment had been to fit into his hectic work life. Feeling more confident, Max told his consultant that his only regret was that he did not start sooner. It was sentiment that had been expressed to his consultant on more than one occasion by clients, and one he was sure he would hear again soon.


*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Chooses RealGROWTH Due to Ease of Treatment

August 14th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

For three years Ryan* had seen his hair slowly thin to the point where he had a sizable balding patch on his crown. And in recent months he felt the shedding had accelerated. Concerned with the fact he was only in his thirties and already going bald, he called Ashley and Martin for help. For Ryan, going bald at this young age was not something he was willing to accept.

The consultant Ryan met with discussed his medical history, lifestyle and stress levels as well as performing a scalp examination. Expecting to hear that he would need to undergo expensive surgical procedures to keep from going bald, Ryan was pleased to learn he was in a position to regrow his own hair with a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program. As the consultant explained the process of treatment, Ryan’s surprise grew. He could not believe the simplicity of the treatment process. He had envisioned injecting things with needles directly into his scalp. The program the consultant was describing was a topical solution and some oral medication for him to do at home together with regular laser therapy appointment in the clinic.

Overjoyed at the ease at which he would be able to treat his condition, Ryan signed up to commence his RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program straight away. The clinic staff provided him with all the non-prescription items included in his program and booked him in for his first laser therapy appointment. He was also booked in to meet with the clinic hair loss doctor to have his medication prescribed.

Due to Ryan’s busy work schedule, he was sporadic in his attendance at the clinic for low level laser therapy. However, he was diligent with his home treatment routine, ensuring he applied his RealGROWTH® solution and took his medication daily.

Before he even saw his comparison photos at his four month Ashley and Martin Review, Ryan knew his hair was regrowing well. But seeing the photos taken in his first appointment alongside the ones taken that day pointed out just how much progress he had made. It was astounding to Ryan that such a simple treatment process could produce such amazing results.


*name change to protect privacy

Case Study: RealGROWTH Treatment Helps Client Maintain New Hair Long Term

July 22nd, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

A long-term client of Ashley and Martin, Harvey* found it convenient that no matter where he lived he was able to transfer to the local clinic without cost. When a family member had first recommended he call Ashley and Martin, Harvey had just celebrated his 21st birthday. Barely out of his teens, Harvey felt he was far too young to be losing his hair. Talking about this with his consultant, he disclosed he had been losing his hair for approximately eight months. However, upon examination the consultant could see that the onset of Harvey’s hair loss had begun as much as four years ago. Diagnosed with male pattern hair loss, Norwood III, the consultant had recommended a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program as the course of action best suited to give him the results he was looking for.

Not wanting to lose his hair like his father and brother, 21-year-old Harvey signed up for treatment.

In the first four months of his treatment program, Harvey found the excessive shedding slowed and eventually retuned to its normal rate. Follicles in his temples that had been dormant began to grow fine, new hairs filling in the deep recession he had developed. Extremely happy with the early results of his program, Harvey knew he had made the right decision in calling Ashley and Martin. By the time his RealGROWTH® program was complete, the overall density of his hair had increased and temporal recession disappeared. People meeting him now would never be able to tell he had once been losing his hair.

Now 23 years old, Harvey had been able to maintain the results he had achieved with his RealGROWTH® program over the long term. Seeing a strong frontal hair line in the mirror each morning, Harvey knew regrowing hair with a RealGROWTH® program had been money well spent.

*name changed to protect privacy

Client Happy to Know He Could Keep His Hair as Long as He Wants

June 17th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Jake* first realised his hair was becoming thinner when he was 26. But as no one around him had mentioned it, this gradual loss did not cause him much concern to begin with. The first comment came from his hairdresser during a haircut. Hearing her point out that she could see his hair thinning was enough to send Jake running to book an appointment with a hair loss specialist.

During his first consultation the benefits of Ashley and Martin’s medical hair regrowth program were shown to Jake. Rather than relying on a single treatment option to combat the effects of his hair loss, the proposed intervention would target all facets of Jake’s loss; disrupting the actual process causing his hair to fall out and reversing the detrimental effects of male pattern baldness. Photographs of other patients with similar hair loss programs to Jake illustrated just how effective the RealGROWTH® hair loss treatment program could be in his situation.

Knowing his work schedule would be hectic, Jake was concerned he may not be able to regularly attend the recommended low-level laser therapy appointments in the clinic. The consultant reassured him that despite not being able to participate fully in the program, he would still see positive results as long as he diligently followed his treatment routine at home.

It was not until twelve months later that Jake was finally able to find the time to attend an Ashley and Martin Review appointment. Looking at photos taken a year previously in his initial appointment next to ones taken that day, Jake could see his adherence to his daily treatment routine had paid off. His hair was back to its former, thick state and he was very happy to know he would be able to maintain his hair for as long as it was important to him.




*name changed to protect privacy