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Our Consultants

Glenn Ives

Glenn started working with Ashley and Martin in 2005, initially in a marketing role at Ashley and Martin UK. The then CEO  felt Glenn’s background of working in pharmaceuticals in the UK together with his demeanour towards patients over the phone would lend to him to developing a career with Ashley and Martin Australia. He began working in an Administrative capacity and learnt the business from the ground up.

During his time as a consultant he saw there was significant scope for the business to grow, so worked closely with Richard Bond to set up the Canberra clinic. Since then the growth of the business has been incredible, and Glenn has found seeing the expansion of the company with new offices opening very rewarding. Glenn has worked in just about every clinic including those in New Zealand and Singapore,  and has seen that it’s not just certain races or classes of society that is effected by hair loss…all men, women, young and old can experience the condition.

Glenn started using the Ashley and Martin treatment himself in 2007 as he has a history of hair loss on both sides of his family and felt his hair line was starting to recede. He found it was certainly an eye opener when he started to experience the very condition he helps to treat every day!

Jace Welsh

Prior to commencing his position with Ashley and Martin Jace’s experience involved various managerial and consulting roles. During this time he developed a desire for providing guidance to clients when making important and difficult decisions. There is a strong history with his family in the hairdressing industry including his mother, sister and aunt; he has grown up in and around the hair industry.

In 2008 Jace approached Glenn Ives a consultant based in Sydney as to positions available within the company. Glenn suggested he apply when plans were made to expand into new territories. One of these areas being his home town of Newcastle made him an ideal candidate for the role.

The Newcastle clinic started operation January 2011 which was followed by the opening of further offices in Canberra and Gosford that same year. In April 2012 he relocated to the Gold Coast to further expand the Ashley and Martin name.

Jace has worked closely with numerous doctors and Consultants in over 10 clinics nationally and internationally. With this experience he has seen countless patient successes and still to this day is impressed with the results they achieve. Overall he feels comfortable in knowing his patients are given the correct medical diagnosis and then seeing either effective pharmaceutical treatments or surgical procedures applied.