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Case Study: Client pleased with the improvement just 4 months into his treatment plan

April 27th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

It costs nothing to make an appointment and visit an Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinic. The first consultation is free and you can chat to a hair loss specialist about what may or may not work and what treatment plan, if any, is for you.

Ross* knew that he was under no obligation but decided he would have more to lose – and not just hair – if he didn’t give his hair restoration a chance.

He’d been losing hair for nearly six years and, at 28 years old, he could see that if he didn’t address the problem, he could be bald by the time he was 40. His father was bald and his brother was thinning on top. Ross liked to keep his hair long but his scalp was showing through more and more as his hair became thinner – just like his brother’s. He heard an ad for Ashley and Martin on the radio and had decided to just go for it.

At his consultation, Ross was diagnosed with Norwood level 3 vertex hair loss. His hair was receding in the temporal regions and, although the length of his hair covered it, he was shedding on his vertex. Ross was offered the Ashley and Martin 12 month RealGROWTH® treatment plan and he took it. The consultant took photos of his current stage of hair loss to show Ross his vertex and also to keep a record to show progression over the twelve month treatment program.

By the time he attended his first review appointment (after four months on the multifaceted program), the comparison photos showed evident regrowth – Ross’ hair was thickening up nicely and he had already noticed the difference. New growth was returning to his temporal region and he was very keen to see what results the next four months of treatment would deliver.

*name changed to protect privacy