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Case Study: Progress Photos Show Significant Changes That Client Had Not Noticed

October 30th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Max* had always planned to do something about his thinning hair, but somehow never seemed to find the time to arrange an appointment with a hair loss specialist. His hair had been thinning over the past few years and it had finally reached a stage where he felt the quality and quantity of his hair had gotten so bad that he needed to make seeking help a priority. He arranged the appointment.

His hair loss consultant explained the process of male pattern baldness and outlined how the Ashley and Martin approach to medical hair loss treatment worked to halt the excessive shedding and reverse the shedding he had been experiencing. Gaining enough of an understanding of the process that he realised there were limits to what could be achieved with medical hair loss treatment, Max decided to start treatment straight away. Especially as his hair was something that he had neglected for so long.

As was the way life often works, Max found all of his time taken up work and personal commitments. In fact, he was so busy that he was unable to attend the clinic for laser appointments or regular progress check-ups until he had been on the treatment program for eight months. Looking at himself in the mirror every day, Max felt there may have been changes, but if there were, they certainly were not particularly significant.

That was until he saw his progress photos alongside the ones taken in his first appointment.

Amazed at the substantial changes in the density and thickness of his hair, Max could not believe the difference the treatment had made. Or how easy the home-based treatment had been to fit into his hectic work life. Feeling more confident, Max told his consultant that his only regret was that he did not start sooner. It was sentiment that had been expressed to his consultant on more than one occasion by clients, and one he was sure he would hear again soon.


*name changed to protect privacy