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Case Study: Client’s expectations exceeded as he realises it’s never too late to seek help

October 19th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Robert* had been suffering from hair loss for over ten years; he had also been considering treatment for ten years but had never actually done anything about it. Now, at 62, he was becoming increasingly concerned about his appearance. His frontal hair line was all but gone and he was following the same pattern of baldness as his grandfather and uncle.

After seeing a tv advertisement for Ashley and Martin Hair loss clinics, Robert decided it was finally time to seek some help and advice about his on-going hair loss.

Robert attended his free consultation and, not wanting to waste any more time, enrolled on the same day. After examining his scalp the consultant confirmed a diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness. His age and family history were the two main contributing factors for the hair loss, and was showing to be a five on the Norwood scale. This lead to a recommendation of prescription DHT inhibitors, combined with topical medication and laser treatments delivered to tackle Robert’s receding hair line.

Given his age and the time he had waited before seeking treatment, Robert had very low expectations about what his results might be. However, over the following months, he noticed that his hairline was indeed starting to return, little by little.

And it wasn’t just Robert that noticed it; many of his family members had also noticed and commented on how good Robert’s hair was looking. Incredibly happy with his results, Robert was proof that it’s never too late to seek out advice from an Ashley and Martin hair loss specialist.

*name changed to protect privacy