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Case Study: Clients’ mates negative comments prompted him to take immediate action

May 24th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Russ* had started noticing his hair falling out faster than usual three years ago but in the last six months the shedding seemed to become much more excessive on his crown, and he wasn’t the only one that had noticed. His friends had started commenting on his bald patch and it made Russ uncomfortable. It was around the same time that he saw an ad for Ashley and Martin hair restoration on TV and Russ felt as if it was speaking directly to him. The ad resonated and reflected what was happening to him in real life…he contacted his local clinic online and made an appointment to speak to a hair loss specialist.

Russ met with a friendly consultant who assured him that the 12 month Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth treatment program would be able to provide him with the results he was looking for.  Russ was only 29 years old so he still had time on his side – he had acted early to try and halt the shedding; male pattern baldness was a genetic trait that he was not happy to inherit. He was diagnosed with level 3 vertex hair loss and was given a specifically designed personal plan of action to combat the shedding. This holistic plan was designed to stop the miniaturisation of the hair follicles, (preventing them from becoming dormant) while also stimulating new hair growth in a healthy scalp environment.

Within 16 weeks the treatment plan had started to work just as the consultant had said it would. At this early stage no one had mentioned the improvements but Russ did notice that his mates had stopped making negative comments about his ‘bald spot’ – probably because they could no longer see it.

He was regrowing his own thick, healthy hair over his crown. The individual strands were strong and thick were before they had been thin and brittle and Russ was VERY happy with the result so far.

*Name changed to protect privacy