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Case Study: Male pattern baldness ‘reversed’ with Ashley and Martin’s treatment plan

February 24th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Men affected by male pattern baldness (MPB) typically lose their hair in one of several common patterns. The Norwood scale is the measurement commonly used by clinicians when discussing MPB and provides easy-to-reference images that illustrate the different stages of balding. Clint* was between stages 3 and 4; his frontal hairline was receding around his temporal region and his crown was also starting to thin.

At 30 years old he had come over to Australia from the UK. For the past five years he had been noticing the slow decline in hair density and had been considering treatment for the past three years – now it was time to act. He search for hair restoration specialists online and booked an appointment at an Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinic.

The consultant recommended Clint  use a comprehensive approach of topical solution and DHT inhibitors. Together with the herbal supplements, these prescription medications would work to slow the shedding he was experiencing, prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT and create a healthy environment in which his freshly grown hair could thrive.

By the time Clint’s four month progress review came around he was already noticing the changes. His hair was more dense and the recession in his temporal area had halted and was covering over with healthy new regrowth. His girlfriend (and his mum) were very happy with the results so far…and so was Clint.

*Name changed to protect privacy