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Case Study: Client Chooses RealGROWTH Due to Ease of Treatment

August 14th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

For three years Ryan* had seen his hair slowly thin to the point where he had a sizable balding patch on his crown. And in recent months he felt the shedding had accelerated. Concerned with the fact he was only in his thirties and already going bald, he called Ashley and Martin for help. For Ryan, going bald at this young age was not something he was willing to accept.

The consultant Ryan met with discussed his medical history, lifestyle and stress levels as well as performing a scalp examination. Expecting to hear that he would need to undergo expensive surgical procedures to keep from going bald, Ryan was pleased to learn he was in a position to regrow his own hair with a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program. As the consultant explained the process of treatment, Ryan’s surprise grew. He could not believe the simplicity of the treatment process. He had envisioned injecting things with needles directly into his scalp. The program the consultant was describing was a topical solution and some oral medication for him to do at home together with regular laser therapy appointment in the clinic.

Overjoyed at the ease at which he would be able to treat his condition, Ryan signed up to commence his RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program straight away. The clinic staff provided him with all the non-prescription items included in his program and booked him in for his first laser therapy appointment. He was also booked in to meet with the clinic hair loss doctor to have his medication prescribed.

Due to Ryan’s busy work schedule, he was sporadic in his attendance at the clinic for low level laser therapy. However, he was diligent with his home treatment routine, ensuring he applied his RealGROWTH® solution and took his medication daily.

Before he even saw his comparison photos at his four month Ashley and Martin Review, Ryan knew his hair was regrowing well. But seeing the photos taken in his first appointment alongside the ones taken that day pointed out just how much progress he had made. It was astounding to Ryan that such a simple treatment process could produce such amazing results.


*name change to protect privacy