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Case Study: Early intervention the key to success

September 15th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

There are only so many ways to hide thinning hair with different hairstyles and Nick* was quickly running out of options. Despite his best efforts trying to hide it, his mates began commenting on his thinning crown.

At just 23 years old, Nick* wasn’t sure that an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic was the best place for him to book an appointment, after all, that’s where older/balder people went wasn’t it? With nothing to lose (except for more hair) Nick booked a free consultation anyway. After having a chat with a friendly and understanding consultant, Nick was surprised to learn that 23 is a very typical age for people to seek treatment with a hair loss specialist. He was also hugely reassured to learn that early intervention is key to the success of the treatment.

Aiming to regrow his own hair, the consultant recommended a twelve month RealGROWTH®medical hair loss program for Nick* and was confident that the desired outcome would be achieved, thanks to Nick’s prompt action.

Snowed under at work, Nick was unable to return for his 4 month review but made it back for his 8 month check-up. The ‘after’ photos clearly show that Nick was indeed regrowing his own hair, thicker and healthier than before. Now he could start styling his hair any way he liked.

*name changed to protect privacy