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Case Study: Multi-faceted Medical Hair Loss Treatment Proves Effective

April 6th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Kyong* had heard about Ashley and Martin from a friend. And curious to find out more, he decided to search Google to find out what hair loss treatment was all about. Stressed from emigrating and having inherited a predisposition to male pattern baldness from his maternal grandfather, over the past three years Kyong’s hair had steadily thinned on top, becoming wiry, dry, and brittle. With his partner strongly encouraging him to seek treatment, Kyong called his nearest Ashley and Martin clinic to make an appointment.

Discussing the previous attempt he had made at treating his hair with his consultant, Kyong said he had tried an over the counter topical vasodilator that had not worked. The consultant explained that whilst a prescription strength topical vasodilator was an evidence-based approach to treating hair loss, by itself it was ineffective. The consultant then explained all the components of the RealGROWTH® program and how they would work together to not only encourage new growth as his topical treatment had promised to do, but to circumvent the root cause of the problem and stop hormonal process leading to his hair falling out in the first place.

Thirty-five and fully aware that his Norwood level III hair loss would only progress if left untreated, Kyong signed up for treatment with the full support of his wife who had attended the appointment with him.

After four months of attending regular laser therapy appointments and following his multi-faceted treatment program, Kyong met with his consultant with a smile on his face. Using a prescription strength vasodilator in conjunction with other prescription, herbal, and hygiene products had succeeded where his over the counter product had failed. The spot on his crown that had been thinning had increased in density and the overall quality of his hair had increased.

Kyong had every reason to smile.

*name changed to protect privacy