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Case Study: Client over Sixty Pleased to Find He Can Still Regrow His Own Hair

December 10th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Already over 60 years old, Julian* had always thought that he would be able to accept losing his hair. He had been watching it disappear over many years, however after a period of intensified shedding that was out of the ordinary, Julian found he was becoming increasingly self-conscious of his thinning hair. Scalp clearly visible through his fine, grey hair, Julian was unsure if his age and advanced hair loss would prohibit him from being able to regrow hair in any way. Uncertain of the answers he would find, Julian booked an appointment at Ashley and Martin.

The initial assessment and scalp examination performed by his consultant revealed that although Julian was advancing in years and loss, he was still a suitable candidate to receive substantial regrowth using the RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program. And a check-up with the clinic doctor confirmed his suitability. Pleased to find there were still options available to him to regrow his own hair, Julian signed up for treatment straight away.

Diligently taking his medication and herbal supplements, applying his prescription topical solution, and attending laser therapy appointments, Julian was tentatively sure he had seen some improvements to his hair taking place. However, he was completely surprised when he saw the difference between his initial photos and the ones taken at his first Ashley and Martin Review four months after commencing treatment. New hair had completely repopulated his crown and increased the density of his hair all over. His frontal hair line had more definition to it and the new weight and thickness of his hair had the effect of making it look darker again. Julian was ecstatic with the early results of his program and could hardly believe he had not been convinced anything could be done to help him at his age.

*name changed to protect privacy