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Case Study: Treatment with Ashley and Martin Helps Fight Dominant Hair Loss Gene

March 22nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

For the last three or four years Bruce* had watched his hair gradually become more fine and sparse.  Worried about the hairline he could see receding at the front and his thinning hair throughout the top of his scalp Bruce called Ashley and Martin to arrange a time to come in and speak to a consultant about his hair loss.

With the dominant hair loss gene coming through from his mother, Bruce had watched the men on the maternal side of his family lose their hair.  He discussed his family history of hair loss with his consultant and as he was in good health with no medical or nutrition issues impacting his hair loss he was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss.

Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program was thought by the consultant to be the most appropriate course of treatment for Bruce’s stage of hair loss and a full medications plan was recommended.  Bruce was extremely happy that all aspects of the treatment plan were explained in detail and all his questions were answered openly; this transparency gave him the confidence to enrol on a treatment plan straight away.

After sixteen weeks on the program the clinic scheduled a check-up for Bruce with his consultant to assess his progress.  Buoyed by the compliments he had received from family members about the thickness of his hair, Bruce was very happy when he attended his progress appointment.  Although his initial primary concern had been the hair loss he was experiencing in his temples, Bruce was interested to see the photos the consultant took from behind as it was the one area he couldn’t see for himself. Looking at the new photos Bruce could see the increased hair density across his scalp and went home satisfied with the improvements he was receiving on the RealGROWTH® program.






*name changed for privacy reasons