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Case Study: Successful Hair Loss Treatment with Ashley and Martin

June 6th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Enod’s career was based on being in the public eye at all times when at work. And as such, his hair was a big part of his persona. Thirty years old and having been losing his hair since he was 25, it took Enod three of those years to make the decision to call a professional hair loss company for help. It was after seeing advertising for Ashley and Martin online that he decided to take the next step towards regaining his hair.

To date, Enod had tried Chinese herbal medicine, over the counter topical solutions and a myriad of vitamins. He had even gone so far as to use a fibrous product that when sprinkled over his head, adhered to his hair making it appear fuller.

Very concerned about his appearance, Enod spoke to his Ashley and Martin consultant about what could be done to remedy the situation. The consultant, after diagnosing his androgenic alopecia as level V on the Norwood scale, took photos of Enod’s hair from every angle. Looking at these on the computer, Enod was shocked that his hair looked so sparse. He had no idea it had gotten this bad.

Eager to get started as soon as possible, Enod made a time to see the clinic hair loss doctor to have a check-up and his medication prescribed. All the non-prescription items Enod would need for his program were given to him before leaving the clinic.

Over the course of eight months, the hair loss Enod and his brother had inherited from his father began to disappear. At first the excessive shedding stopped, then Enod noticed fine, new hairs grow in the balding patches across his scalp. It did not seem to take long for Enod’s hair to look fuller and healthier.

At a regular Progress Review, Enod and his consultant compared photos from his initial consultation to ones taken on the day. The contrast between them was unbelievable; Enod was absolutely ecstatic with the difference eight short months had made to his life.

*name changed to protect privacy