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Sydney Clinic Case Study: Crisis of Confidence Resolved with Ashley and Martin

November 16th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Aarzu* had recently been suffering a crisis of confidence. His work saw him interacting with new people on a regular basis and Aarzu needed to feel self-assured in front of strangers. With his recent hair loss his confidence had plummeted. Too insecure to remove his hat while in front of people, he had needed to make changes in the way he worked to alleviate his insecurities. Two of Aarzu’s friends who had achieved fantastic results with their own RealGROWTH® programs told him to give Ashley and Martin a call.

Feeling dejected and down, Aarzu came for a free consultation. Examining his scalp, his consultant could see he was in the early stages of hair loss. The recession in Aarzu’s temples was the most predominantly affected area. This pattern of loss and the fact he had come in for treatment so early in the hair loss process made Aarzu a superb candidate for treatment.
Aarzu already had a fair idea of what would be involved in treatment has his friends had told him all about their own programs. However, his consultant made sure Aarzu was clear on all aspects of the program, including his own individual expected outcomes. Aarzu was aware that there were no magic cures for his condition but was looking forward to seeing what his treatment would produce.

It was with a new spring in his step that Aarzu came to see his consultant for an Ashley and Martin Review to assess his progress after four months. He had been faithfully using his oral and topical medications, taking his supplements and attending laser therapy treatments. And to him, the results were almost like magic. He was delighted with the amount of hair he had regrown since first coming to Ashley and Martin and could not thank his consultant enough. As he had regained his hair, he had regained his confidence to stand in front of people. He was even confident enough to remove his hat in public again.






*name changed to protect privacy