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Case Study: Clients Recommend Ashley and Martin to Friend in Need of Hair Loss Help

April 19th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Hair loss was prevalent in Tushar’s* family.  The men on both his maternal and paternal sides of the family had lost their hair young.  At 24 years old Tushar was already experiencing a generalised thinning of his hair all over, his temples were beginning to recede and his crown was thinning faster than the rest of his hair.

He preferred to keep his hair cropped short, however in recent months he had begun to let his hair grow out a little to hide how thin it was becoming.  Knowing what he was going through, a couple of his friends referred Tushar to Ashley and Martin.

Tushar spoke to his consultant about how self-conscious he was about his thinning hair and discussed medications he had tried previously.  In the past Tushar had had a reaction to a component of one of the medications Ashley and Martin often used to treat Male Pattern Hair Loss.  Assured that the early nature of the loss would lead to a positive result without using this medication, the consultant created an individualised treatment plan for Tushar.

Two weeks later Tushar came to his consultant to tell him that he was having trouble with one of the medications.  Ashley and Martin’s in clinic doctor discussed this with Tushar and his medication was switched without adding further expense to his program. Worried that he may not be able to regrow his hair due to not being able to take all of the medications recommended, Tushar never the less continued on with his modified program.

Four months after first walking in to Ashley and Martin, Tushar was glad he had persevered.  Confidence from the fact his hair was not as thin as it had been before had prompted Tushar to start cutting it shorter again.  His hair was no longer an issue that was always at the forefront of his mind.  Elated with the results he had gained from the program and wanting to do for others what had been done for him, Tushar has since referred a friend to Ashley and Martin.






*name changed to protect privacy