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Case Study: Client’s Only Regret Was Not Coming to Ashley and Martin Sooner

April 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Lynton* had begun to notice his hair regressing around three years before coming to Ashley and Martin. It was not that he had not wanted to come in sooner, he had just continued to put it off and before he knew it years had passed without doing anything towards keeping his hair.

His consultant was glad that Lynton had come in when he had. Although his hair loss was extensive, especially throughout the front, he still had a good base to work from. The two men discussed how the RealGROWTH® program worked and how this applied to Lynton in his stage of hair loss.

Worried that treatment would not be possible on his tight budget, Lynton was hesitant about moving forward with treatment until, when laying out costs, his consultant mentioned he had the option of either paying in full or in smaller instalments that fit with his pay cycle.

Wanting to get the best out of his program, Lynton followed his program exactly as directed. His quick treatment application in the evenings slotted easily into his daily routine, quickly becoming habit. And, although not necessary, he visited his consultant every month to review his progress on the program.

After four months on the program, Lynton came in to see his consultant for his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review of his progress. The consultant took another set of photos and put them up alongside photos taken in Lynton’s first appointment. The impact of seeing these images side by side spoke for itself. Lynton was extremely happy with the outcome of his treatment to date and was looking forward to seeing where treatment would take him down the track. His only regret was not coming to see us sooner.






*name changed to protect privacy