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Case Study: Client Pleased to find Ashley and Martin Achieves Results Quickly

August 8th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

A friend of John’s* suggested he speak to Ashley and Martin when his hair began to thin.  His job often made him the focal point of his projects and he was concerned about his appearance.  He went online to find a phone number to call and found the company had an online enquiry system.  Filling in his details quickly, he sent a request to his local Ashley and Martin clinic for a call back.

The 32 year old explained to his consultant that his image was important for his job and he did not feel that he had reached an age where he was ready to stand in front of people with a shaven head.  His family had a strong genetic link to hair loss, in his immediate family both his father and paternal grandfather had both lost their hair. The consultant conducted a scalp examination; taking in to consideration the pattern of loss, his family history and John’s general good health, he diagnosed John with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III.

It had only been two years since John had started to notice his hair fall out, he was worried that at this rate, it would all be gone before long.  The consultant encouraged him by explaining that John was the perfect candidate for the RealGROWTH® program and within four months he should see a marked improvement in his hair.  John was keen to try anything that would work for him, especially that quickly, and enrolled on a medical hair regrowth program.

John was pleased to find that the consultant had not been exaggerating the short time in which he could expect to see the results of his treatment.  First his hair stabilised and stopped shedding at an alarming rate.  He then began to notice fine hairs filling in the more sparse area on his crown.  In what felt like no time at all John had a full head of hair once again.  His confidence grew as he saw his hair return, he could again do his job with self-assurance.






*name changed to protect privacy.