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Case Study: Client Cannot Remain Sceptical That Hair Regrowth is Possible After Second Ashley and Martin Review

December 15th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Dhruv* had heard about Ashley and Martin from a friend who had been happy with the results he had achieved from his own hair loss treatment. Dhruv was sceptical about the efficacy of anyone claiming to know how to regrow hair as he had tried using over the counter hair loss products without any success in the past. Aware that genetics were playing their part in his hair loss, Dhruv called Ashley and Martin to discuss the hair loss he had inherited from both his mother’s and father’s sides of the family.

When the consultant explained all the components in the recommended course of treatment to Dhruv he raised concerns over one of the medications suggested. His concerns had come from misleading information he had read on the internet and the consultant was able to give him the correct information regarding the medication in question. Needing some time to do some more research about what his consultant had told him, Dhruv went home to think it all over.

Twelve months later Dhruv made another appointment to see his consultant. He had thoroughly researched hair loss and found his consultant was right about his concerns being unfounded. He was now ready to start taking the medication he had initially been worried about. Still sceptical that his consultant could really produce the results he claimed were possible with the proffered hair growth treatment, Dhruv started his RealGROWTH® program.

At the four month Ashley and Martin Review a second set of photographs were taken of Dhruv’s hair to assess his progress on the program. Even the sceptical and hard to impress 29 year old Dhruv had to admit that he could see the improvements that had happened since he had started treatment. His hair had increased in density all over and the recession he was experiencing in his temples had started to reverse.

By the time Dhruv participated in his second progress review a further five months later he was happier than he had been before. The results of his program were much more evident and even he could not remain sceptical that hair regrowth was indeed possible.






*name changed to protect privacy