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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Restores Confidence Along with Hair

July 5th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Apinya* had tried treating his hair loss before moving to Australia.  He had not, unfortunately seen any positive results from these treatments.  At the time he had simply accepted the fact he would go bald and taken to wearing a hat at all times.  In Australia to study, Apinya heard about Ashley and Martin through our television advertising.

It had been five years since Apinya had started losing his hair but now he began to feel hopeful that perhaps there was something that could be done to help.  Apinya contacted Ashley and Martin and made an appointment to discuss the prospect of regrowing his hair.  The consultant did a scalp examination to assess Apinya’s advanced hair loss.  With such late stage hair loss the consultant was not confident that Apinya would be able to regrow all his hair; however he believed that medical intervention would still provide positive results.  He was honest with Apinya about the expected regrowth using a medications program as he did not want to promise something only a transplant could provide.

Apinya appreciated the honesty and knew that for his own self-esteem any chance was worth taking.  He enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program and was given his non-prescription items and booked in to see the clinic doctor and for his first Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) appointment.  Wanting to give this treatment every chance at success Apinya followed his daily regime diligently and attended LLLT regularly.

When the time came for Apinya to attend his first progress check-up the results were obvious to see.  Far from the failed treatments he had tried before, Apinya’s hair had become denser across the crown, temples and frontal hair line.  This outstanding result gave Apinya the increased confidence to walk outside without wearing a hat for the first time in years.




*name changed to protect privacy