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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Provide Treatment Option for Client Concerned About Taking Medication

September 19th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Florence’s* hair had been languishing with the effects of Female Pattern Hair Loss for the past decade.  She had tried to use non-prescription topical foams to treat the loss; however she had suffered unfortunate side effects and needed to discontinue the use of both the products she tried.

When Florence came to discuss treatment options with her Ashley and Martin consultant, she was looking for a solution that did not involve the use of medication.  She had been turned off from medical treatments for her hair loss by her use of chemist products.

The consultant she visited suggested she use Low Level Laser Therapy to treat her hair.  He was forthright in telling her that several factors were likely to impact the timeframe in which she could expect to see significant results from the treatment.  Florence’s age, the extended period of time in which her hair loss had gone untreated and the reduced approach to treatment would all prolong the time over which her regrowth would happen.

Fifty-three year old Florence was delighted by the ease of use of the Laser Cap she had been offered and was happy that it fulfilled her need for a treatment option with limited side effects.  Complementing the laser treatment she would perform herself at home, Marisa was given a dietary supplement that was specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of her hair.

Although pleasing results were not expected for twelve months, Florence was encouraged to come in and have regular check-ups with her consultant to review her progress with the program.  Progress photos were taken at each one of these visits as a visual indicator of success.  With each visit Florence could see the new growth hairs coming through as her hair density increased.  By the Florence attended her twelve month progress review her hair had established the density she had hoped for when she had commenced treatment.  Thrilled with this result Florence told the consultant she wanted to continue use of her laser cap and supplements to make sure her hair stayed as healthy and thick as it had become.






*name changed to protect privacy