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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Seeks Help With Receding Hair Line

February 2nd, 2016 by Rob Donkersloot in Case Studies

Monty* was aware of the impact image can have on people’s perceptions and judgements.  And at 36 years old he was aware that strangers perceived him as being much older than he actually was.  Concerned with his image, and having thought about seeking treatment since the day he first noticed his hair line receding, Monty went online to research the options available to him to reverse the last two years of hair loss.

With a dominant hair loss gene coming through from his mother’s side of the family, Monty’s thinning hair was diagnosed by his Ashley and Martin consultant as Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood V at his first appointment.  He told his consultant he had never tried any over the counter remedies to try and fix the problem and a family and medical history was taken before recommending the most effective treatment for his hair loss to Monty.

Monty asked his consultant all the questions he had about the program.  The information given to him together with the recommendation of our service from a friend who was already a client was all the confidence in the treatment plan he needed.   Monty enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program straight away.

His Ashley and Martin consultant booked him in to see the doctor for a check-up and to have his medications prescribed.  With no contraindications preventing him from taking the recommended medication, the doctor was happy for Monty to go forward with treatment and wrote his scripts for the Ashley and Martin pharmacy to fill.

Monty’s busy lifestyle prevented him from coming to the clinic to attend laser appointments; however the results he received from his program were substantial.  The diffuse hair on Monty’s crown and the recession at his temples and parietal ridge had begun to thicken and grow forward.  His hair density had increased significantly and Monty was extremely happy with the outcome of the first four months of his program.






*name changed to protect privacy