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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Helps Return Lost Confidence

May 17th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Tom* had been gradually losing his hair over the last year.  Desperately wanting to stop his hair from falling out, had Tom visited his local chemist and bought an  over the counter hair loss product. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful using this treatment and his hair continued to fall out.

A healthy, image conscious young man, Tom worked out on a regular basis and was proud of the muscular physique he had created.  With his hair thinning at 21 years old, he was beginning to lose confidence in his appearance.  Tom felt he ‘needed to have his hair in his prime’ and together with a friend who was experiencing similar hair loss issues he made an appointment to come in and see an Ashley and Martin consultant.

The friends felt they were too young to start looking bald and Tom was glad to speak to someone who did not dismiss the confidence issues that had come with his hair loss.  Tom’s hair was thinning all over the crown and he did not like the amount of scalp that was showing through his sparse hair.

After diagnosing Tom with Male Pattern Hair Loss in the early stages of Norwood classification V the consultant decided to suggest a RealGROWTH® program for Tom to regrow his hair.  The multi-faceted treatment plan including anti-androgenic prescription medication, topical solution, herbal supplements and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) would stop the shedding of hair and restart the active phase of the dormant hair follicles.

Tom decided to go ahead with the proposed treatment and after adhering to his treatment plan for 4 months Tom came in to let his consultant know of the changes he had been experiencing.  With the fullness and life returning to Tom’s hair, his self-assurance had returned.  He no longer felt he was looking prematurely old and his full, healthy head of hair gave him his confidence back at the gym.






*name changed to protect privacy