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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Helps Restore Personal Identity

March 8th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Kyle’s* hair was part of his identity. Feeling that his long hair was a large part of his personal trademark, Kyle had been considering treatment for his hair loss for three months before coming to Ashley and Martin.

Kyle was 26, single and had been noticing his hair fall out for almost ten months before attending his first consultation. His consultant, upon examination, thought the level of hair loss he was experiencing, a level III vertex on the Norwood scale, looked as though his hair had been shedding for at least three years. Kyle’s consultant could see there was an obvious thinning of the hairline at the front and temples. His medical history revealed he had no underlying stresses or medical concerns that may contribute to the hair loss. Family history showed Kyle’s father had lost his hair, however Kyle was unsure if either of his grandfathers had suffered from Male Pattern Hair Loss.

Ideal for treating hair loss at the stage Kyle was experiencing, his consultant suggested a full RealGROWTH® medications program consisting of RealGROWTH® solution, medication, supplements and regular laser treatments. Having called, attended an appointment and commenced his program all in the same day, Kyle was committed to taking his medication regularly even though he was unable to attend the clinic for laser treatments.

Shortly before his four month check-up Kyle needed to transfer between Ashley and Martin clinics as he had moved house. Conveniently, his consultant worked between both of the clinics Kyle attended and was able to continue to look after him after the transfer. Attending the new clinic for his 4 month check-up Kyle could see his hair had begun to regrow in the temples, filling out through the sides of his head. Kyle has been extremely pleased with progress of his hair to date and has been receiving positive comments from his new girlfriend about his hair regrowth.






*name changed for privacy reasons