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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Advertisements Attract Patient Seeking Help With Hair Loss

February 18th, 2016 by Rob Donkersloot in Case Studies

“This is before Ashley and Martin’s medical treatment for hair loss.  This is after.  Clearly it works.

When Keung* needed to get help for his hair loss, he already knew who to call having seen and heard of Ashley and Martin’s successful treatment from our television adverts.

With a genetic predisposition for hair loss coming through both his mother and father’s sides of the family, Keung knew he needed to act sooner rather than later if he was to save what hair he had left.  Six months after he had first begun to give serious thought to seeking treatment, he was sitting in his consultant’s office discussing his hair loss.

The 27 year old told his consultant his hair had begun to fall out three years previously. After conducting a scalp examination the consultant took photos of Keung’s hair loss from all angles.  He explained to Keung the photos would be able to give a realistic picture of how successful the treatment was for him at his regular progress check-ups should he choose enrol.  If he did not go ahead with treatment they could be used to assess the rate and severity of his hair loss should he come back for another free check-up in the future.

The consultant recommended Keung enrol on a full medications RealGROWTH® plan with regular Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments.  Keung chose to enrol straight away and over the course of his medications program came in to the clinic regularly for LLLT treatments to boost the effectiveness of his medications program.

Four months later Keung attended his first progress check-up to discuss how he was finding the program and take a new set of photos.  Keung was already very happy with the results he had gained as he had been receiving positive comments from family and friends about the thickness of his hair.  Looking at his progress photos he could see there was no doubt his hair had increased in density considerably and the hair in his receding temples had regrown.






*name changed for privacy reasons