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Case Study: Advanced Hair Loss Treated Successfully by Ashley and Martin

May 9th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Caden had first noticed his hair thinning six months previously. About twelve weeks after he initially became aware of his loss, he started to give consideration to getting assistance to solve the problem. Caden’s friend had been to Ashley and Martin to get treatment for his own hair loss, so when his friend needed help he recommended the people that had helped him.

Looking at Caden’s hair loss, the Ashley and Martin consultant could instantly see that the severity of the loss had been caused by years, not months of damage. In fact, his consultant thought it was likely Caden’s hair had started falling out at a faster than average rate between four and six years ago. His advanced hair loss was placed at III-IV on the Norwood scale, but the good news was that Caden had not left it too late to get treatment.

The consultant explained everything that would be involved in treatment, the medications and therapies that would be used and discussed realistic results that could be achieved. Caden was free to go home and think it over after his free consult, but opted to sign up and start his treatment that same day. He was booked in to see the clinic doctor to have a checkup and his medication prescribed before leaving the clinic.

Every week when Caden returned to the clinic to have his laser therapy treatment he was met with friendly smiles from the staff that made him feel welcome. Before he knew it, it was time to assess his progress on the program by comparing photos taken at his initial consult to ones taken four months later.

Ecstatic with the results he was seeing in the mirror and on the screen in front of him, the 38-year-old was extremely glad he had listened to his friend’s recommendation. The simple, everyday treatment had netted him the results he was looking for and helped him stave of the genetic loss passed down through the generations.

*name changed to protect privacy