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Significant Increase in Hair Density for Ashley and Martin Client

November 26th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Thomas* had been experiencing hair loss for the last twelve months. He had seen the Ashley and Martin adverts on the TV whilst watching his loveable game of rugby league. Taking note of the phone number he made a call to his local clinic. Now looking at the photos the consultant had taken of his hair he was thankful he had not delayed in picking up the phone.

Right now Thomas was feeling quite alarmed; not only had he felt his hair was thinner but it was visibly thinner. His temples were also receding towards his crown. He had already tried various shampoos’ claiming to thicken hair, nothing had worked. Wanting to nip the problem in the bud before it got any worse he discussed his options with his consultant.

As Thomas had come into the clinic early into his hair loss, the consultant was confident the RealGROWTH® medication program was the best hair loss treatment and would provide outstanding results. Thomas would see his hair density would increase along with regrowth of the hair lost at the temples.

A hair loss treatment plan involving anti-androgens, herbal agents, topical solution and specially formulated scalp cleansing products were put together for Thomas. These targeted medications and therapies would prevent the formation of DHT in his body that was causing the hair loss and encourage strong, healthy hair to grow. Thomas was thrilled with the expected outcome signing up for an eight month program before leaving the clinic that same day.

Thomas attended regular low level laser therapy session at his clinic fortnightly to ensure optimized results. He was also diligent with the use of the medical and other hair loss products. Eight months later Thomas returned to his clinic for a final checkup and photos. Thomas’s concerns about his hair had gone, he was feeling great. His hair had increased in density so much that no one could tell he ever suffered from male pattern hair loss.





*name changed to protect privacy