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Case Study: Patience Pays off for Ashley and Martin Client

June 20th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

More than a decade had passed since Cheng* had first begun to notice his hair falling out. By this stage he had all but resigned himself to going completely bald. Cheng decided to speak to Ashley and Martin to find out if it was too late for him to regrow his hair or, if that was not possible, keep what he had left.

The consultant Cheng came to see asked about his family history of hair loss and did a scalp examination. Wanting Cheng to enter into treatment with full awareness, the consultant was upfront about the success rates of the treatment on offer with clients who had late stage hair loss. He discussed the medications used for men of Cheng’s age and the benefits of attending the clinic for regular Low Level Laser Therapy.

The only apprehension Cheng had at this time was his inability to attend the clinic regularly for LLLT appointments. The consultant acknowledged this issue and offered Cheng the alternative of purchasing an in home laser device that would provide the same therapy. Cheng knew that with his advanced degree of hair loss, his chances of a full recovery were greatly reduced. However maintaining the hair he had with the possibility of regrowing some of his hair was important enough to him to give a RealGROWTH® program a try. He signed up for a medications program and a Laser Cap before he left his consultant’s office that day and took home the non-prescription components of his program. Cheng’s Laser Cap was ordered for him immediately and he was booked in to see the clinic doctor as soon as possible to have his medication prescribed.

Worried the program wasn’t working, Cheng came in to see his consultant after only a couple of months. The consultant reassured him that it was early days and urged him to continue the treatment. After 12 months on the program Cheng’s initial concerns had been alleviated. It wasn’t just Cheng that could see the difference in his hair, his friends had noticed also. Two of his friends were so impressed they were intending to arrange appointments to come in and get started immediately.




*name changed to protect privacy