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Case Study: Young Man Surprised Hair Loss Starts So Early

May 6th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It was a surprise to Tom* that many young men in their 20’s sought help from Ashley and Martin. Until it had happened to him, he had thought that male pattern baldness was something that only affected older men.

His own hair loss had crept up on him. It was not until he had been a party and someone had remarked on how thin his hair was looking that the extent of it had really registered with Tom. The comment had come from left field and, like Tom, they were surprised that hair loss was affecting someone so young.

After seeing an advert on TV for Ashley and Martin, Tom knew he had reached his turning point. He booked a free consultation to discuss what Ashley and Martin could do for him.

The RealGROWTH® program the consultant offered him sounded like it would accomplish everything Tom was hoping for. A way to slow his hair loss to a more natural rate, prompt dormant follicles to re-enter their growth phase, protect new hair and promote overall density. Keen to get the process underway, Tom signed up for his program straight away.

After four months of treatment, Tom returned to his consultant to have progress photos taken. The difference sixteen weeks had made was hard to believe. His family had noticed the changes and had been giving him positive feedback and encouragement but, as he could not see the crown of his head himself, the hair regrowth had not been as evident to him. Only sorry he had not sought help from Ashley and Martin sooner, Tom was thrilled by the results he had achieved in such a short space of time. Hair thicker, darker and healthier, Tom had already accomplished everything he was hoping for by coming to Ashley and Martin and knew there would be no more out of the blue comments about his thinning hair at the next party he went to.




*name changed to protect privacy