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Case Study: Persistence Pays Off Through Ashley and Martin

December 5th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Gregory had always been resigned to the fact he would lose his hair due to the strong history of genetic hair loss that ran through his family. Before this family trait became a reality for him, Gregory had assumed he would just shave his head once it started and deal with it. However, once the loss started to happen and grew more and more apparent Gregory found it shook his confidence more than he realised it would and his image of himself changes as his hair continued to shed. After seeing numerous ads on television, Gregory decided to book a consultation with Ashley and Martin.

Feeling he had left it too long to be able to fix his hair loss, Gregory came to his first appointment with very little hope that the damage could be reversed. The consultant, however, was not so sure there was no room for hope. After a scalp examination and an assessment of Gregory’s medical history, the consultant recommended undertake a RealGROWTH® treatment program to address his male pattern baldness. With any medical intervention there would be limitations and Gregory’s consultant made sure he was aware of the realistic results that may be achieved with this advanced degree of hair loss.

Gregory started the treatment and at first experienced irritation from the RealGROWTH® solution. Contact with the doctor he had initially consulted for his prescription medication at the Ashley and Martin clinic was arranged straight away and an alternative solution was prescribed at no extra cost to his program.

Unfortunately for Gregory, the irritation continued. It was at this time Gregory began to lose all faith in the treatment and feared no options would be available to him. But Ashley and Martin were not so quick to give up. Further changes were made to the topical solution Gregory would need to apply every day and Gregory was finally able to apply a daily dosage without adverse reaction.

After four months of consistent treatment Gregory came in for his first Ashley and Martin Progress Review. Still dubious that the treatment had made any differences at all, Gregory had become very down beat about the entire process. This negative view of his treatment did not have a chance to last much longer than it took to take progress photos and put them up on the screen alongside the ones from his initial consultation. There had been some significant gains and Gregory instantly felt much better about his new, healthy hair growth.

*name changed to protect privacy