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Case Study: Patient Gets Back His Confidence with Ashley and Martin

June 25th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Rafan had been noticing his hair gradually becoming thinner over the span of the last three years. Not yet 30, he felt way too young for this to be happening. His thinning hair was starting to affect his confidence. Looking closely he could see the distance between healthy hair follicles increasing, his scalp clearly visible through his hair. This loss of density was so concerning Rafan decided to look into treatment options.

Turning, as so many people did, to Google to find the solution to his problems, Rafan came across the Ashley and Martin website. Populated with success stories and evidence based medical research, the Ashley and Martin website provided him with all the information he needed about his hair loss and the availability of a treatment that could help. He had seen the Ashley and Martin adverts on TV and this strong media presence gave him the confidence to book a consultation.

Rafan had no medical issues to disclose to his consultant when they sat down together, but he did have a strong genetic family history of hair loss. His consultant felt there was one clear path forward that would intervene in the genetic process causing his hair to thin. The consultant explained to Rafan how the RealGROWTH® treatment would stop the accelerated rate of shedding Rafan was experiencing and regrow his hair by disrupting the formation of the dihydro-testosterone causing the problem and reactivating the dormant roots. Surprised at how easy it all looked, Rafan signed up immediately.

While not overly regular with his clinic visits, Rafan was very diligent with his at home treatment program. This diligence paid off when he came in for his progress check-up after six months. Rafan had already noticed big changes and had been so impressed with his regrowth he already referred two friends to Ashley and Martin. This new hair had given Rafan his confidence back and he is very relieved he took action when he did.

*name changed to protect privacy