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Case Study: Mother and Son Assisted with Individual Needs at Ashley and Martin

August 24th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It had been sixteen weeks since Craig* had started his treatment with Ashley and Martin.  And his results had been astounding.  So astounding he had been recommending the treatment to friends who were also losing their hair.  Looking back he could not believe he had been hesitant to seek treatment in the beginning.

It was not long after his 21st birthday that Craig’s hair began shedding at an unnaturally high rate.   At first it was barely noticeable and he could easily push it out of his mind.  However as his hair began to shed more rapidly, it became harder to ignore.  Other people were not only noticing, but good naturedly poking fun.  It didn’t feel fun to Craig.

After speaking to his parents about his concerns, he called Ashley and Martin to make an appointment.  His mother attended the initial consultation with him as he was feeling a little insecure and embarrassed.  The consultant Craig spoke with put him at ease.  Countless other young men had come to him feeling the same way and left feeling better knowing there was help and understanding available.  It was still a little uncomfortable for Craig to have someone pay such close attention to something he felt insecure about, but after the scalp examination Craig began to relax.

The consultant explained to Craig how the dominant hair loss gene from his mother’s side of the family had caused his generalised thinning and profound recession along the parietal ridge.  The good news for Craig was that he had caught his hair loss in time for a substantial amount to be regrown.

Both Craig and his mother were able to be assisted with their individual hair loss needs in that first appointment; and now, four months later, neither of them could believe how much new hair Craig had grown.  It had felt like such a short amount of time had passed since his first appointment.  Craig barely knew himself now; he had gained a great deal of confidence in that time and was over the moon with his results.






*name changed to protect privacy