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Case Study: Hair Regrowth Success Through Ashley and Martin

December 10th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Lucas had been well aware of his hair loss for a several years, however it wasn’t until a comment from a work colleague hit too close to home that he decided he needed to start looking for a hair loss solution. Turning to the internet to research his problem, Lucas found the information he needed on the Ashley and Martin website. Impressed by the gallery of before and after images and the free consultation on offer, Lucas used the online contact form to request a call from an Ashley and Martin representative. A staff member called shortly after to schedule an appointment at a time that suited Lucas’ schedule.

During his first appointment, the consultant took photos of Lucas’ hair from every angle. Bringing these up on the monitor, Lucas was able to objectively assess the severity of his own hair loss. These photos showed Lucas his crown from a vantage point he had never seen it from before. And while he had known it was thinning, it was a surprise to see just how sparse the covering across the top of his head truly was. Hair loss felt almost inevitable to Lucas, it had been passed on to him from close relatives on both sides of his family; the pattern of loss he was seeing was in keeping with these family members.

To combat this excessive hair fall and regrow what he had lost, his consultant recommended Lucas undertake a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program. Not wanting to waste any time, Lucas decided to sign up right away as to prevent any further loss.
Determined to make the most of his program, Lucas followed the clinic doctor’s advice closely. And when it came time to review his results he was overjoyed with the changes. Even before his Progress Review, Lucas was receiving positive feedback from friends who had seen the visible changes to the thickness and health of his hair. With their words in mind, Lucas was not surprised to see that the new photos taken of his hair showed he had gained the hair regrowth he had set out to achieve by coming to Ashley and Martin.

*name changed to protect privacy