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Case Study: Hair Dresser Sees Great Results in Clients Who Use Ashley and Martin

December 18th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Winston’s* hairdresser had seen first hand the results that were possible with Ashley and Martin’s medical hair loss treatment multiple times. For years she had been referring her clients to Ashley and Martin for specialist advice when they expressed their frustration and disappointment over their thinning locks. Forty-five and not ready to go bald, Winston followed his hairdresser’s advice and contacted Ashley and Martin to discuss the right hair loss treatment for him.

The consultant Winston met with could see that the pattern of loss he wasexperiencing was consistent with the genetic trait, androgenic alopecia. Better known as male pattern baldness, this form of alopecia that had affected the men in Winston’s family would be addressable using a combination of treatments. Over time some of Winston’s hair follicles had miniaturised and eventually become dormant resulting in the thin coverage that made its way from Winston’s temples to his crown.

It was recommended that Winston enrol on a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program to provide the comprehensive and targeted treatment that androgenic alopecia requires to be halted and reversed. Each component was explained to Winston, giving him ample opportunity to ask questions and feel comfortable with the treatment he would be receiving. Each of the medications and supplements he was to receive would work together to intervene in the process causing his hair loss on a hormonal level, trigger dormant cells to reenter their anagen phase and stimulate new hair growth. Specialised shampoo and conditioner would further be used to provide a hospitable environment for the newly growing hair follicles with laser therapy appointments performed at the clinic to further promote new hair growth.

Despite the fact that Winston did not adhere to his laser therapy schedule, both he and his hairdresser began to see undeniable results. He hardly needed to see the comparison photos at his first Ashely and Martin review to feel confident in the amount of new growth he had already received. But seeing photos contrasting the changes that had happened over just sixteen weeks was striking. To anyone meeting him for the first time, they would have no idea that four months previously he had been on his way to going bald before 50.

*name changed to protect privacy