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Case Study: Excellent Results and Honesty Change Sceptical Father’s Mind About Ashley and Martin

November 16th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Young, losing his hair and not feeling good about the recession in his temples and balding patch on his crown, Daniel* came to see Ashley and Martin for help. Daniel’s Male Pattern Hair Loss was quite advanced for a 23 year old and he told his consultant that his father had also been bald from an early age. The consultant was confident that a good result would be achieved by using the RealGROWTH® medications program and spoke with Daniel about how this approach would assist him to regrow his lost hair.

Having only recently completed his studies, Daniel was still largely reliant on his parents for financial support. Unfortunately for Daniel, when he went home to discuss treatment with his parents he found that neither believed that hair loss companies were capable of delivering on their promises.

Daniel kept in contact with his consultant via email and after almost a year had passed, Daniel’s father agreed to accompany him to an appointment with the Ashley and Martin consultant. The consultant took both men through the information Daniel had been given in his first appointment and showed Daniel’s father an extensive gallery of before and after photographs. He was then invited to speak to the clinic GP regarding the treatment program.

After finding that the consultant and GP were willing to disclose all the information he needed, Daniel’s father felt reassured that Ashley and Martin were not misrepresenting themselves or overstating what we could achieve for his son. He was now happy for his son to proceed with a RealGROWTH® medical program.

With dogged determination Daniel followed his program to the letter. It was a routine that was easy to maintain for Daniel and he looked forward to seeing the results of his efforts at his first Ashley and Martin review. After four months of treatment both Daniel and his father attended the first progress review appointment together. Neither of them could believe just how much of a change there had been, both men were blown away by the amount of new growth Daniel had received across his crown and in his frontal hair line.

Daniel and his father were extremely grateful for the honesty and help they had received to get Daniel to this point. And after all his hesitation and scepticism Daniel’s father only had positive things to say about the results he was seeing and his experience in dealing with Ashley and Martin.






*name changed to protect privacy