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Case Study: Client’s Wife Loves His New, Youthful Look

April 3rd, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Oddly enough, Kyle had Married at First Sight to thank for the full head of hair he was sporting for the first time in seven years. Married at First Sight and Ashley and Martin.

While he had watched his hair consistently diminish over the past seven years, it was not until he saw one of the bald grooms on Married at First Sight that Kyle finally started to pay attention to the adverts for Ashley and Martin that came on during the breaks. He had not so much as tried an over the counter shampoo to try and regrow hair before, but now he was putting serious consideration into getting treatment. Like the men in the ads he saw every time Married at First Sight was on, perhaps he had reached his turning point too.

With determination to explore solutions to his problem, the 31-year-old walked into a clinic in the city to speak with someone. The consultant he sat down with laid out all the options available to him, not only medical hair loss treatment. Hair systems, transplants, medications and laser treatment; all of which Ashley and Martin could provide for him. Not keen to wear a hair system to cover up his hair loss yet, and wanting to try something less invasive than surgery to begin with, Kyle chose to begin a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program with laser therapy straight away.

Kyle found his treatment worked so well that he became a regular face in the clinic. His laser therapy appointments becoming part of his regular fortnightly routine and the routine reviews to track his progress were always encouraging. Kyle was able to regrow so much hair that he hardly needed the progress photos to show him the changes he had undergone. Not only could he see it, but his wife absolutely loved his new, youthful look.



*name changed to protect privacy