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Case Study: Client Thrilled to Be Looking Younger after Coming to Ashley and Martin

September 6th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

As a teenager Blake* had watched his father lose his hair. At the time he had not given much thought to the fact it might happen to him in the future.  He had just thought it was something that happened to ‘old people’ like his dad.  Now 34, Blake had reached roughly the same age as his father had been when he had begun to lose his hair.  But he didn’t feel old.  He was sure his father hadn’t at the time either, but it had certainly given him the look of an older man in Blake’s eyes.

Not wanting to go down the same path as his father, Blake sat in front of the computer late one night surfing to find out how he could stop his hair falling out.  After looking around the Ashley and Martin website he used the online enquiry system to book the next available appointment at his closest Ashley and Martin clinic and arranged to talk to his consultant within the week.

When asked how long he thought he had been losing his hair for, Blake said he had first noticed it about a year previously.  The consultant conducted a scalp examination and after diagnosing Blake with Male Pattern Hair Loss Norwood IV, remarked that the onset of Blake’s hair loss had actually been longer than Blake had originally thought.  The consultant explained to Blake how Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program could help him stop the excessive shedding and regrow hair from his dormant and miniaturised follicles.

After taking a week to think about it, Blake came back to his consultant and signed up for a treatment plan.  He led a busy lifestyle which precluded him from coming to the clinic for in-house Low Level Laser Therapy treatments; however staff made sure he was aware of the drawbacks to not fully participating in his program.  They also offered Blake options to be able to perform this treatment himself at home.

Four months after starting treatment, Blake participated in his first Ashley and Martin Review and was thrilled to see how much extra hair had regrown already.  He felt he was looking younger and couldn’t wait to see the next set of progress photos in another four months’ time.






*name changed to protect privacy