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Case Study: Client Pleased Ashley and Martin Treatment Fits Into His Time Poor Lifestyle

December 29th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Pete* was no longer comfortable with the appearance of his hair. Over the past five years it had thinned so much that the time had finally come that he had to do something about it. Determined to find out the reasons behind his hair loss as well as how to regrow hair, Pete took to the internet. He had a history of hair loss on his mother’s side of the family and his research pointed to his own hair loss being genetic. He had found out that the maternal side of the family carried the dominant hair loss gene that was causing his hair to fall out at a higher than normal rate.

Using the internet again to locate a hair loss specialist to help him with his genetic problem, Pete found Ashley and Martin. Adding to the research Pete had done for himself, his Ashley and Martin consultant discussed lifestyle choices, stress levels and health issues with Pete. Fit, healthy and living a life that did not lead to any excessive stress, Pete’s best hair loss treatment option was a medications program. The RealGROWTH® program, which would involve Pete seeing the clinic’s hair loss doctor, would target the process causing his hair to fall out as well as focus on regrowing new hair.

Feeling positive about what he had discussed with his consultant and having been shown before and after photos of other people in a similar position to him when they had attended Ashley and Martin, 39 year old Pete was keen to get started.

Pete’s work schedule was demanding and he struggled to find time to come in to the hair loss clinic to see his consultant and attend laser therapy appointments. He was very pleased that his treatment was so easy and quick to do at home that his time poor lifestyle did not affect his ability to undergo treatment. After seven months on the program Pete returned to see his consultant for an Ashley and Martin Review. Looking at his progress photos, Pete could see the results were well above what he had expected. He had known there had been hair regrowth having seen the results each day as he looked in the mirror. However it was not until he saw the photos taken on his first meeting with his consultant compared to the ones taken minutes beforehand that he could truly appreciate the level of change that had occurred.

Like so many clients before home, Pete’s only regret was that he had waited five years before coming to see us.






*name changed to protect privacy