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Case Study: Client Only Regrets Not Coming to Ashley and Martin Sooner

July 19th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Danny* had been experiencing excessive hair fall for about four years before he made an appointment to speak to someone about it.  When it had first started happening he had taken to shaving his hair shorter in a bid to hide the thinning.  At first this had helped but as time went on the daily shedding thinned his hair out so much it could not be hidden.  With Danny’s hair loss apparent to anyone who looked, his friends and family began to make comments about him going bald.  This was the prompting Danny needed to make the decision to come to Ashley and Martin.

Danny listened intently to the advice he was given regarding his hair loss.  He was extremely interested to learn about the nature of genetic hair loss which, in turn, helped him to understand the reason it was happening to him.  With this knowledge he was able to discuss the treatment option being presented to him and understand how each of the components of the RealGROWTH® program would act together to combat this genetic loss. Happy with the fact that positive results could be achieved and he was able to start his treatment immediately, Danny enrolled on a program.

After four months of following the program diligently the results Danny saw were astounding to him.  The same family and friends who had been commenting on his impending baldness were now complimenting him on his hair.  The overall density of Danny’s hair had improved significantly, the new hair growing in thicker and healthier than it had been in years.  Danny’s only regret, he said, was that he had not come to see Ashley and Martin sooner.






*name changed to protect privacy