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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Finds Solution for Client Who Cannot Attend Clinic for Laser Therapy

March 15th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Kirk* came to Ashley and Martin after he saw our advertising on the television. Having recently moved to Australia, it was not just Ashley and Martin he had never heard of before. Until seeing our adverts Kirk was not aware that there were medical solutions to hair thinning.

The dominant hair loss gene that Kirk had inherited had been passed down to him from the maternal side of his family. The hair loss specialist Kirk met with for his free consultation found he had no known medical conditions that might be impacting the natural hair growth cycle and confirmed Kirk’s assumption that his hair loss was the genetic condition, androgenic alopecia.

The consultant discussed what would be involved in treating Kirk’s hair loss with him. The only issue Kirk raised, after finding out how each of the therapies involved would work together to halt the excessive shedding, address the root cause of his hair loss and regrow his hair, was that he would be unable to attend the clinic regularly for laser therapy treatments.

Knowing this was a problem for many clients, Ashley and Martin had a solution on hand. Kirk was able to add a laser cap to his treatment program in order to perform the laser treatments at home. Happy to proceed with treatment, knowing he would be able to fully participate in the program, Kirk signed up straight away.

Eleven months after he first met with the consultant he came in to the clinic for his first Ashley and Martin Review. Kirk had been unable to keep in contact with the clinic regularly and when he saw the difference between his comparison photos, he was shocked. It had been easy to forget how deep the recession in his temples had been after his hair had begun to regrow.

Feeling happy and confident with the progress he had made on his RealGROWTH® program, Kirk looked forward to maintaining the results he had gained with Ashley and Martin.






*name changed to protect privacy