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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Exceeds Expectations

May 30th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Dean* was aware that he was genetically predisposed to hair loss.  The men on both sides of his family had suffered from male pattern baldness and he knew that if he did not act while he was young, the same would happen to him.

The 26 year old was travelling around Australia on a working holiday when he made the decision to speak to someone about his hair loss.  He had noticed a slight thinning in his temples and frontal hairline which had not progressed very far at this stage.  Dean knew the longer he left it untreated, the harder it would be to regrow all of his hair.  Unsure if he would be able to afford treatment as well as his travelling lifestyle, Dean booked a free consultation with Ashley and Martin.

After his consultant assessed his hair loss and explained the medications program Ashley and Martin offered to him, Dean was keen to go ahead with treatment.  However he was hesitant to dip in to his savings as he had plans to continue travelling and needed a safety net in case he was out of work for a while.  The consultant offered Dean a payment plan, breaking the cost of treatment in to manageable weekly payments.  Dean was happy to find that the program stayed the same price if he payed in instalments and he would not need to use his savings unless absolutely necessary.  Dean signed up, saw the doctor at the next available appointment and went travelling.

It was 12 months before he was back in the same location as his consultant.  Although he knew he would be able to attend any clinic around Australia, Dean wanted to wait until he was back to see the consultant he had started with.  He had been diligent with his use of his medication and knew that his hair had stopped falling out.  He was also sure he had noticed his hair thickening up overall.  Looking at his initial and current photos side by side, Dean knew he was right.  His expectations of what could be done had been exceeded; he saw his hair was thicker not just overall but in the temples and hairline where it had begun to recede.






*name changed to protect privacy