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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Receives Additional Benefit of Program

April 30th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It had been three years since James had noticed the first stages of hair loss. He was only 20 years old when the genetic condition passed down to him through a direct family link was discovered. Over the years he had made several enquires to Ashley and Martin, however, he had convinced himself that his hair loss did not concern him greatly enough to do anything about it and had never gone further than submitting an enquiry.

Worried that too much time had passed since first discovering his hair loss for any treatment to be effective, James finally attended an appointment with Ashley and Martin to find out if anything could be done. His consultant gathered background information to inform the results of a scalp examination that would be done in that appointment. When his consultant told him he still had a good base with which to work, he was over the moon. His consultant explained how together with the clinic doctor, they would be able to achieve a positive outcome with the use of prescription medication, herbal supplements and laser therapy. Complemented by specialised hygiene products to keep his scalp a healthy environment for new hairs to grow, James was likely to see real results with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program.

After four months of consistent treatment, James was called by the clinic to attend his first Ashley and Martin Progress Review. The photos that were taken in his first appointment were compared alongside the ones taken that day. Neither James or his consultant had to look hard to see the results. Even without seeing the evidence in front of him at his Review, James had noticed the regrowth he had been experiencing.

James told his consultant that he felt so much more confident than when he had first started his RealGROWTH® program. He also let his consultant know he loved using the shampoo and conditioner that had been given to him as they had cleared up his long-standing dandruff problem.


*name changed to protect privacy