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17 year old regains Surfer image through early Ashley & Martin intervention

May 24th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

At 17 Rohan’s* appearance was already very important to him. Living by the beach and loving to surf Rohan’s hair was paramount to his overall image. Despite his age and very healthy lifestyle Rohan knew the thinning of his hair was not going to stop. He knew if he didn’t take action while he was young he would follow the same path of his grandfather’s hair loss.

Relaxing, watching TV Rohan spotted an Ashley and Martin advertisement and immediately discussed what he had seen with his Mum and whether he should attend a consultation at his nearest hair clinic. She was incredibly supportive and encouraged Rohan to make the phone call to book a free consultation.

Rohan’s consultant could immediately see why Rohan and his Mum were concerned about his hair; at 17 his hairline was already receding at the temples and the density on the top of his scalp was thinning particularly in the area of the crown. After speaking with his consultant, Rohan was reassured his concerns about his hair were certainly justified and that Ashley and Martin could indeed offer a treatment suitable to his particular situation.

Due to Rohan’s age a specific hair regrowth program was recommended by his consultant and hair loss doctor with a view to reassessing his treatment the following year when he turned 18. Feeling reassured by the advice and information he had been given, Rohan made a start on his RealGROWTH ® program and attended regular laser therapy sessions in the clinic. This ensured maximum results until he was able to start the full RealGROWTH ® medical program at 18.

Once Rohan turned 18, his treatment plan was reviewed and an oral anti androgen introduced. Within 8 months of starting treatment, Rohan had hair regrowth visible at the temples and the density of his hair had doubled, he was returning back to the surfer image he was longing for. Rohan was very impressed, so much so he now rents his own laser cap to continue his hair loss treatment program, as this fits into his young busy lifestyle.


* name changed to protect privacy